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TY Cycling module

Our Transition Year Cycling module got off to a great start. Students embraced this fantastic opportunity to partake in an event that was both enjoyable and beneficial to their health.

The PE Department in Beech Hill College constantly highlights the many benefits associated with physical activity. Students really demonstrated their cycling abilities as they took to the road and cycled to improve their muscle strength, decrease their stress, and increase their overall fitness.

We were delighted to welcome Emyvale Cycling Club to Beech Hill College. Tommy Mc Cague, representing the club, provided our students with the valuable information required from the purchase of a bike to safety requirements and the enjoyment on offer on the many cycling journeys they could participate in. Students asked questions and greatly added to their repertoire of cycling knowledge. Our students look forward to working with Emyvale Cycling Club in the future.

Students accompanied by Mr Murphy, Mr Daffy and Mr McArdle enjoyed cycling their pre-planned route. Well done to all involved!


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