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The School Book Scheme

Text Book Rental Scheme

To alleviate the cost of education the College operates a book rental system for all junior cycle students. The scheme is not means tested and is available to everyone.

The students rent all their textbooks and these are supplied by the college with a school journal for a yearly charge. This can be paid in late August e.g. on the book collection day or by way of instalments following an application to the Principal. All Year groups pay a school fee, this covers the cost of school insurance, school journal, photocopying levy, pre-examinations in third and sixth year and book rental for Junior school. This proves a substantial saving for parents, and in lieu of that parents and students are requested to ensure that rented books are well cared for and returned in good condition so that other students may also benefit from their use.

Dual Book Scheme - an ergonomic idea!!

To overcome the problem of students carrying a bagful of heavy, bulky books to and from school, the college has introduced a scheme where each classroom has a full set of the relevant textbooks for use by the students during the day, and students have their own set of textbooks at home (supplied under the book rental system). So in essence students have access to two sets of books at a very low fee. This has proved very popular amongst students and hopefully will help to prevent back problems in years to come.

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