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The School Book Scheme

Junior Cycle Book Scheme

We are delighted to inform you that the Department of Education’s Junior Cycle Schoolbooks’ Scheme has eliminated the cost of schoolbooks and core classroom resources for parents. Beech Hill College will provide schoolbooks free of charge to every Junior Cycle student on a loan basis. We will also provide core classroom resources free of charge to students.


The schoolbooks will be on loan to the students and must be returned at the end of the school year or at the end of the Junior Cycle. It is important that schoolbooks are kept in good condition so they can be reused. The cost of replacement of any books or classroom resources that are lost or damaged will be borne by parents / guardians. Please ensure that your son/daughter keeps the schoolbooks safe and in good condition so that they can be used again by another student.

Under the scheme, Beech Hill College will provide the following to all Junior Cycle students in 1st Years free of charge:
  • Textbooks

  • Student Diary

  • 1 Premier A4 160pg Refill Pad (to be used during the sampling period)

  • 10 Ormond A4 Manuscript Durable cover 160pg

  • 1 Student solutions A4 120pg 5mm Square project Maths softback copy

  • 1 Student Solutions A4 128pg Science Hardback Copy

  • 1 Hardback A4 Copy 160pg

  • 1 Aisling 120pg Copy Book

  • 1 Premier Office A4 40 Pocket Display Book

  • 1 B4 Extra durable Mesh Wallets

  • 1 Maths Set

  • 1 Casio Scientific Calculator (FX-83GTCW)

  • All Past Examination Papers in 3rd Year

  • Practical resources for subjects such as Home Economics, Wood Technology, Engineering and Visual Art

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