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Learning Support Department

The function of the Learning Support Department is to address the needs of students experiencing barriers to learning. The SEN Coordinator, Ms McArdle, works closely with students, staff, school management, parents, Primary schools and outside agencies to provide and make accessible supports for the education and welfare of all students with Special Educational Needs in Beech Hill College. Additional Resource Hours, applications for SNA support and Assistive Technologies are all applied for by the SENCO.

There is a well-established team of Resource and Learning Support Teachers, trained and based in dedicated Resource Rooms to support the students. Students who have been assessed and identified as having additional needs have Individual Plans drawn up and parents are communicated with. Monitoring of student progress is ongoing, as is liaison with subject teachers and Year Heads. There are close links with the Care Team, Guidance Department and School management within the school and externally with agencies such as NEPS and the NCSE.

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