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Eramus + Project

5th Year students of French enjoyed an unforgettable trip to France, to catch up with their Erasmus+ partners in Lycée De Lattre De Tassigny in La Roche sur Yon, France.

This marks the end of their 2-year Erasmus+ project, where many students will have made new friends for life and experienced aspects of French daily life and culture that will greatly enhance their Leaving Cert French studies. It is hoped that our French partners will visit us during the next school year.

This has been a most rewarding and enjoyable project, providing valuable opportunities for students to collaborate on projects and presentations with their French partners, and to share lots of memorable experiences, such as the John Doe escape game in Nantes, the Eléphant de Nantes, the boat trip to Fort Boyard in La Rochelle, sailing sessions and beach picnics, as well as pizza night, bowling, theatre workshops and PE classes with their partners.

Our school is very grateful to Léargas, the national agency, for providing full funding for this project.


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